You will hear the voice of the most hyped startup there can be. Today we were about to pitch our idea to one of the top investors out there but the tables have turned! Let's see how well an investor can cope with selling himself to the most hyped startup there possibly can be!

Listeners can expect insights, learnings, and investment philosophy, mixed with casual chit-chat on related topics.

The podcast is powered by the fff.vc - a deal-by-deal angel investor community. Hosted by Tim Vaino and Akim Arhipov, founders of the fff.vc

Investor Story: Donatas Keras

Today our guest someone, who got into Venture Investment back in 2011. He  started off his investment career in Real Estate before becoming one of the founding partners of Practica Capital, the leading Lithuanian Early-Stage fund, focusing on the Baltics. 

Among other investments, Practica Capital have invested in Montonio, Ovoko, PvCase, TransferGo while recently announcing their fund III, ready to deploy another 80m€ into future success stories of the Baltics. 

This person is… Donatas Keras

Investor Story: Kristjan Tamla

Today our guest is someone who has been a Chairman of the biggest Baltic asset management company. He has experience in active fund management across multi asset classes, having managed over 2b € worth of assest across his career.

Currently, he is serving as a Managing Director of efTEN, the largest Real Estate fund in the Baltics. We talked about what is a real estate fund, how does it operate and addressed specific example of latest fund of EfTEn - Special Opportunity Fund.

This person is Kristjan Tamla.

Investor Story: Jone Vaituleviciute

Today our guest is someone, who within last several years has became one of the strongest early stage fund GPs in the Baltic region.

Despite the fact that she is running marathons, word "acceleration" is not something that fully describes what they do at FIRSTPICK.

We talked about how to get access to the deals and pick first, looked intro early stage market in Lithuania and discussed the power of the community as a bridge to foreign markets.

Investor Story: Tomas Kemtys

Today, our guest is someone, who started off his career as an investment banker in NY, handled deals across the globe. Form 2017 he is a Partner in one of the leading Climate tech funds in Europe- Contrarian Ventures.

We talk about the perception of ClimateTech, how is it to operate with a Pan-European fund from Lithuania, raising the Fund II during challenging times on the market and touched the importance of the community around Contrarian Ventures and at large.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this person is Tomas Kemtys, the Genral Partner of Contrarian Ventueres!

Investor Story: Kristjan Novitski

Today our guest is someone who has built one of the biggest payday loan companies, Cash On Go, in the UK without even living there. He then successfully managed and grew its spin off, Every-Pay before starting to invest himself.

These days he is a CEO of Stebby - the largest wellness marketplace in the Baltics. Stebby was acquired by Livonia Partners in 2022 and our guest was the mastermind behind this transaction. Since then, company has shown outstanding growth and our guest claims there is more to come.

In this episode we will talk about his background, Stebby deal and Private Equity in general. Please welcome… Kristjan Novitski!

Investor Story: US Special

Today, we have a special episode on fff.vc where Akim and Tim share their entrepreneurial adventure in the US. They spent a month exploring Silicon Valley and California, attending the Nevada Trust Conference scouting for potential partners.

In this episode, they delve into the numbers: 23 days, 11 cities, approximately 4000km traveled, 5 events attended, and 70 new contacts made. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of these experiences. They also discuss the impact versus cash multiples, the speed and volume of US businesses, and shed light on the true meaning of "Fail Fast".

Join us for an hour filled with insightful learning and thought-provoking discussions in this special episode: "Investor story in the US" with our fff.vc hosts.

Investor Story: Rasmus Udde

Today, our guest is almost a synonym to ClimateTech in Baltics. During his professional career, he has been living Scotland, England, Denmark, Switzeland, before coming back home to Estonia.

He is not investing himself but is doing it for company that also invests renewable energy and electrification start-ups - Sunly. Among other things he is involved in such investments as UpCatalyst, Skeleton Technologies, Comodule and EnergiaSalv.

People say that knows if the company is climate positive or negative from the fist glance and knows how to calculate true impact of a tech company. This person is…. Rasmus Udde

Investor Story: Triin Hertmann

Today, our guest is one of the biggest advocates and examples of impact investing in Estonia. She helped to build Skype and was the second employee at Wise.

Her active angel portfolio includes companies such as Starship, Montonio, Salv and many others. Lately, she co-founded Grünfin, a company that helps people invest in the most impactful sustainable funds.

She is one of the pioneers when it comes to women in tech herself, now becoming a huge inspiration for others.

In this episode we spoke about impact investing, talked about personal and professional DD principles and of course, speculated about what the future holds. This person is …. Triin Hertmann

Investor Story: Sten Tamkivi

Today, our guest is one of the biggest standout names within the Estonian tech scene. Among other things, he has been a General Manager at Skype, worked at Andreessen and Horowitz, advised the president of Estonia on tech and innovation matters, and has made over 100 investments with his business partner - Taavet Hindrikus, over the past two years. Recently, Taavet and himself founded Plural - an investment platform for unemployables. In addition, he has survived two recessions, overcoming his first bankruptcy during the .com bubble. In this episode, e spoke about the past and speculated about the future. This person is …. Sten Tamkivi!

Investor Story: Kristjan Vilosius

Today, our guest is an exciting mix of a founder and an angel investor. His startup Katana MRP has just closed a 35m€ funding round, while his investment portfolio contains the likes of Bolt, Eurora, Outvio, Fooddocs, and many others. Interestingly, he started his investors career for a not-so-common reason but has created a more structured approach since then. It is notable how one person can manage so many things at the same time, also being a father and a partner in his personal life. He seems to hold a black belt in “work-life” balance and loves to surf. This person is … Kristjan Vilosius!

Investor Story: Marko Oolo

Today, our guest is relatively young but already a successful investor. He is a Partner at Superangel VC (superangel.io), an angel investor, and an active player within the investment circles in Estonia and Baltics at large. His personal portfolio includes companies such as Planet42, Ampler Bikes, Bikeep, Snabb, and many others. Apart from investing, he also promotes the industry by being one of the founders of the region's largest retail investment event - the Investment Festival. Furthermore, he openly talks about his portfolio so people can learn, and he has tried all possible investment opportunities out there. This person is… Marko Oolo!