The third year has just started but the signals are already clear. This year will be all about the portfolio, risk diversification and looking into different asset classes. Community members can expect deals from Tech, Private Equity & VC funds, Real-Estate & Private Credit sectors.


The year of uncertainty in Tech. The market slowed down, the valuations had a dip and early stage became more risky. Investing in early-stage emplies having the necessary spread but as is investing deal-by-deal it was hard to achieve it considering the low activity of tech angels. In addition, signals coming from the network we to invest into tech deals, that have somewhat a plan of liquidity. The focus of tech investors shifted. focused on late-stage & secondary tech deals (500k-1m+ per SPV) .

Within the second year of operations

  • Grew to 300 members, representing 28 countries;

  • Worked through 159 (late-stage) deals;

  • Invested in 3 deals, totalling ca.3m€;

  • Gave access to such deals like: Inbank, Bolt & Salv

  • Had the first member becoming a Scout;

  • Hosted workshops with Blackstone, UBS and covered a workshop with Sam Altman.

The second year showed that that through the amount and high quality members, we can compete and win allocation in top companies. We made out of reach deals, for smaller investors, accessible.In addition, we learned and created the playbook for investing in the late-stage & secondary deals, sharing the knowledge on the go.


The year, when the was launched. Initial motivation was to create an angel investor community for tech people investing in tech. The focus was set on the early-stage, tech deals (150k-300k per SPV).

Within the first year of operations

  • Grew to 200+ members, representing 23 countries;

  • Worked through 659 (early-stage) deals;

  • Invested in 7 deals, totalling ca.4m€;

  • Gave access to such deals like: Votemo, Insly, DriveX, Scramble, RecruitLab, Bolt & KatanaMRP.

During the first year of operations, organisation truly established itself as one of the key players players in the Baltics region, when it comes to early-stage funding. In addition, we learned and created the playbook for investing in the earlier stage, sharing the knowledge on the go.